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Welcome to the home of Matariki -

Te Tauranga o ngā Waka



Here you'll find information about Matariki and all of the events that are

offered within the Western Bay of Plenty from Waiororo to Ōtamarākau.

Matariki for our rohe starts on the 8th June 2024.

The theme for 2024 is Waitī and Waitā

The programme will be launched late May, then all the events will be up to check out.

Matariki events from Waiororo to Ōtamarākau.


Artist: Kereama Taepa

Waitī and Waitā

This year’s Matariki event programme in Tauranga Moana and the Western Bay area embraces the themes of Waitī and Waitā.

Waitī, recognised as the fifth star in the Matariki star cluster, is connected to freshwater: springs, streams, rivers, lakes, wetlands, and the plants and animals that live in freshwater. Waitī is comprised of two words wai (water) and tī which means sweet. Waitī, is considered a female body
and the māhanga (twin) of Waitā.


Waitā, the sixth star of the Matariki cluster is associated with saltwater, the ocean and marine conditions. It represents the many types of food gathered from the sea. Waitā is comprised of two words, wai (water) and tā (salt). Waitā is considered a male entity and sits below his twin, Waitī.

Both Waitī and Waitā also represent the health of their respective waters; how we are impacted by the state of fresh and saltwater environments and how we depend on their waters for our own livelihoods and wellbeing.


Matariki Te Tauranga o ngā waka 2024 is proudly brought to you by…

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