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Te Koha

Te Koha serves as the Taurapa, or sternpost, of Te Waka o Rangi, embodying its essential role in maintaining balance upon the waters.  Te Waka o Rangi carries departed souls across the night skies until Matariki arrives. During this celestial journey, Taramainuku releases the spirits of the departed into the heavens, where they become stars. Te Koha embodies the profound concept of "the gift," representing our departed loved ones who have departed us and now light up the night sky as radiant stars. The predominant pink hue is symbolic of wāhine and it is a tribute to wāhine who have now passed and embarked on their celestial journey, transforming into radiant stars that inspire us from above. Furthermore, the Manaia is embrace of the breast carries profound symbolism, reflecting the nurturing and life-giving qualities associated with wāhine. 


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River Jayden, a Māori visual artist, skillfully blends traditional toi Māori with contemporary design. Infused with vivid colours Rivers work instantly grabs the audiences atention.

Exploring the depths of Māori culture, particularly through the lens of Pūrākau, River's art invites audiences into the rich tradition of Māori storytelling, creating an immersive experience that resonates deeply.

Her work opens the dialogue about Māori identity and explores themes of whakapapa. 

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